about us

One of the biggest producers of cigarette tubes and cigarette filters in Poland create the amazing design, original product with modern form and excellent quality. Teemo Smokers is an innovative product
condemned to success.

Our filter cigarette tubes and filter cigarette tips are made with high quality raw materials from the European sources.

We are a proven and fast growing manufacturer of cigarettes tubes and filters and tobacco products. You can explore all the products we have at our website.
Among the competition we stand out with quality and service.

In our full range of products you can find everything you need because our motto is that everything is possible.
We adapt our products to improve competitiveness and serve
the best cigarette accessories to each market on the world.

Currently we are looking for a serious distributor with a substantial market presence in your country to import our cigarettes and tobacco products to the local market. If you are interested in our offer and think we could do businesses together please contact us at the questioner.

Despite the growing competition on the market, we are the leader of our industry. In order to satisfy different requirements of our existing and potential customers, we constantly improve our management system which allows us to meet their
expectations related to the strictest standards.Our cigarette tubes and cigarette filter tips are constantly monitored
by the quality system.

If you want to check the quality of our smoking accessories please ask us for product samples:

We can provide you cigarette tubes, cigarette filter tips,rolling paper,menthol click tubes and filters,biodegradable tubes
and filter tips,charcoal and gummed filters.