the future

is now

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the future is now

here and now is only the present moment.You are here and now You are in the future


Filter Cigarette Tubes
Filter Cigarette Tips
rolling paper

Empty cigarette tubes *are perfect for rolling your own smokes in. Experience the choice and freedom that comes with making your own cigarettes. You get to choose the brand of the cigarette tube, the brand of cigarette machine, and the brand of inyector machine.You can save a lot of money if you roll your own cigarettes.You can use your favourite tobacco brand This is why using cigarette tubes is so easy! To produce high quality tubes which can be easily processed by our customers, our employees continuously control the quality with regards to filter length, diameter and bonding strength. Our cigarette tubes are tested for their quality. The results of these tests are recorded. Once the tubes are manufactured, they are automatically packed in display boxes.

Filter cigarette tips *are perfect for rolling your own cigarette using our high quality product with a perfect specification the production is totally automatic and we control each step of the production process We pack our filter tips in different types of bags. You can enjoy rolling your cigarette especially made for your taste!


something new

The most appropriate time is now.

It does not matter for what purpose we are looking for the right time. The present moment is always the best - the most beautiful and the most appropriate moment on the whole "extent" of time.

Why? Because both the past and the future do not exist. The past is just a memory; a kind of imagination about events and experiences.
The past and the future do not exist, these are only ideas in our minds. The awareness of the passage of time should be limited to the absolute minimum.

Be part of the present and be part of the world of teemo smokers.

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